welcome to paradise

You see what I can do - Ye'yeye'!
You see what I can do - Ye'yeye' !
You see them, you see them,
Ha'eye'ya heyeye! Ha'eye'ya he'yeye!

In Faith and in Wind

crow dog - brave bird

Welcome to my website. Although my website is listed as Mary Crow Dog, I generally go by Mary Brave Bird these days. My life has changed tremendously since the release of my two books Lakota Woman and Ohitika Woman. Whether for the better or worse I do not know. The struggle continues on a daily basis and I pray that my children will be healthy and find themselves in this life.

Winter Blues

As winter sets in I am reminded of terrible things. The celebration of the birth of a man whos people destroyed our Sioux tradition. I guess I should not be mad at this man as he was a radical of his own time and suffered for his people. I guess the more I think about it, the more similarities I see. The long winter gives me time to think about all those who gave their life fighting for change. The Winter is a time of remembrance.

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